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The procedure for transferring a domain to

Domain names under the .al zone can be transferred with the Authorization Code which you can retrieve by your registrar. If you are transferring the domain from another entity, please check, as there is a good chance that they might be clients of and we can just use the push function to move the domain in your account (in this case you don’t need to pay the Transfer Fee).

The transfer costs €8 and the transfer does not come with the renewal of the domain.

If transferring from another registrar, your current registrar will provide you with an Authorization code (sometimes called “Transfer Key” or “EPP Key”). Once you provide this key, we will instantly transfer the domain to your account.

During the transfer of a domain name, the data of the domain including the expiration date will not change. This means that with the transfer fee, a renewal of the domain does not occur (as in the case for most of the TLDs).

This is due to the fees of the .al registry and unfortunately cannot change. In any case, if you have a large volume of domains to be transferred, please open a ticket and ask our staff to assist you.

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