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Are there any restricted domains in the .al zone?

The registration of .al domains is regulated under the document titled: “Registering and Administering Domain Names under .AL and subdomains,,,, and”.

Domain names that are on the list of “Prohibited names” and “Reserved names” can not be registered.

Prohibited names are the names that according to their respective list, depending on their specificity/nature, cannot be registered by the Responsible Authority as domain names. “Prohibited” names include but are not limited to, abusive, offensive, racist, words that are associated with crimes or misconduct as well as those which are contrary to good practice.

Reserved names are the names that are subject to registration under special conditions related to the identity and category in which the applicant is classified. The names of the trademarks, patents and industrial designs approved by the relevant institution, which exactly match the domain name under “.al”, constitute reserved names for the possessors of the registered trademark/patent / industrial design. Example: Internet technical terms, names related to state actions/operations, names of international organizations, names of counties, prefectures, municipalities, communes, cities, villages, administrative divisions of Albania, names of zones/provinces by their popular or ancient designations, as well as monuments of culture or nature defined by law or sub-legal acts.

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