Renewal Notification Policy

With respect to domain name registration services, will email a renewal notification approximately one month and approximately one week prior to each such domain name’s expiration. In addition, if a domain name is not renewed, will email an additional renewal notification within five days after the expiration of such domain name’s registration. All renewal notifications will be sent to the primary contact for the account associated with the domain name registration

These notification will include an invoice generated for the renewal fee. This notification will not be sent if the auto-renewal option is disabled in the domain page. The auto-renewal is related to our billing system which will issue a new invoice 30 days before your domain expires. If a customer “Disables Auto-Renewal”, then the system will send no invoice for renew and the domain will eventually expire with no prior notification.

Regarding the period of the renew, our billing system will attempt to follow the last trend, in other words: if a client registered a domain for 2 years, the next renew invoice will be for 2 years. This can of course be changed but you will need to open a Trouble Ticket. The clients can as well pick the period they want their domains to be renewed.

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