AL Domain Registration Rules

AL Domain Registration Rules

General Rules:

Applicant of an .al domain can be an entity (physical person, business or other organization) based or not in Albania.

For registrations in subdomains “,,,”, an Albanian applicant has to prove first that he belongs to the corresponding organization category in Albania. For non-resident in Albania applicants, registrations in these subdomains are made through the Albanian Domains trustee service, hence no additional documents are required.

The applicant has to accompany his application with supporting documentation proving the fulfilment of the conditions set by the Albanian Registry (AKEP) Regulation, if required by the latter.

Are any restricted domains in the .al zone?

The registration of .al domains is regulated under the document titled: “On the Registration and Administration of Domain Names under .AL and subdomains.,.,.,.,. and.” by the registry. (Unfortunately this document is not in English, we will be please to provide you a copy and help you with any questions you might have)

Article 18 and 19 of this document define the domains which are not allowed for registration. This includes registering trademarks owned by third parties, spamming activities including viruses and hacking tools, activities illegal under Albanian law, geolocation names (in Albania), technical names etc. These articles can be found in this KB article in Albanian and we will be pleased to answer any question you might have in this regard.

You may consult the full regulation on .al domains at the AKEP webpage. Or check it HERE.

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